The story

  • 1970

    Rolando Canestrini

    The business was started by the current owner, Rolando Canestrini, in 1970 and developed in a short time thanks to his ability in trade and a complete devotion to work.

    The Company's origins are located in Brescia. The area is among top industrial provinces in Italy and historically it was a place of important development for the steel industry.

    In this strategic background Mr Canestrini has developed a network of business contacts with important local industries laying the foundations for future growth.

    The Company's success was driven by a fundamental insight that, well in advance, has led the Comapny to invest in foreign markets with the development of an international network with prestigious clients.

    Over the years the Company has been able to increase its area of influence becoming a benchmark within the industry.

  • 2016

    Canestrini Brothers S.R.L. - International Brokers

    Nowadays Canestrini Brothers Srl possesses an important database of business contacts and information concerning world steel production.