Company profile

Canestrini Brothers Srl operates as an intermediary agent in the field of international trade. Many years of deep dedication earned us the specialized knowledge of the import/export of steel and metallurgical products as well as the related items.

Our mission is to create value for customers: we provide our expertise to help customers achieve their goals and enhance their presence in the markets.

Our goal is to confirm a leadership and assistance role in the markets by consolidating existing business relations and developing new ones. For this reason we prefer to develop long-term business relationships developing cooperation based on alliances and personalized services.

Thanks to the acquired experience and the introduction in all major world markets Canestrini Brothers Srl is able to assist companies in the complex task regarding purchasing of raw materials and systems as well as selling go their products to the international markets.

During nearly 50 years of experience the company has been able to exploit its business by building an important network of contacts with countries around the world, apart from Italy these countries include Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, India, Middle East, India, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and most of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.